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Fishing For Tanzania’s Development (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)



By Rhoda Makama





Fishing as among other different sectors found in Tanzania responsible for development and bringing several opportunities  to the the people. Among others is employment. The industry can be viewed into two major aspects which are fishing from natural water bodies and fishing from man made water bodies (pastoral fishing).

In Tanzania, the industry is sufficient of opportunities due to the presence of great water bodies and among them are not anywhere else in the world, these include lake Victoria and Tanganyika which are greatest and deepest lakes in the world respectively. The country has also big dams,like Nyumba ya Mungu, big rivers which am fed up of counting them as well as Indian ocean allowing the deep sea fishing.

However, fishing processes in the country isn’t promising because of technology used in extraction compared to countries like China ,Norway and Egypt as it need high capital to invest but in Tanzania this becomes an obstacle for fishing industry to develop even in issue of market .

Chengula Felix as student of university of Dar es salaam  doing bachelor of science in fishing explained a lot about fishing industry in Tanzania first argued that fishing now days develop to due reasons behind such as effective disease control especially in fish farming, genetic breeding responsible for selecting good species for production and selection of health stock and education among the people about importance of fish farming and food available for fish originated from plants.

He continued to show us opportunity found due to fishing industry in Tanzania as first it offer employment to many people  which increase income to individual and government in general, then good living standard, also fish used for processing like making  medicines, cooking oil,button,fibers used in hospitals used for operations and used to produce Pearl’s.

Ended by saying that Tanzania fishing industry face different challenges such as ghost fishing ,by catch means wrong focus on which kind of fish you want ,marine debris ,illegal fishing as big one  ,environment pollution and deforestation and finally poor technology used.

Emanuel Godfrey also as fishing officer doing bachelor of science in fishing said that for Tanzania developing due to effort done by government and citizens and due to presence of many area qualified for fish farming and explain about first country for fishing worldwide as China followed by Egypt in East Africa Uganda as first followed by Kenya and next Tanzania on issue of fish farming but on side of fishing  from natural sources Tanzania is leading for producing many fishes.

Due to presence of many obstacles for fishing industry  added by suggesting way to solve those problem as provision of education to the people ,application of advanced technology, reducing fishing taxes, Fighting against illegal fishing  ,promotion of fishing farming, provision of loans to fishers and citizens responsible to play a big part to ensure fishing industry is acquiring maximum triumph.


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