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Kepler Students Vowed to honour the Past and Hold the Future


Kepler Students Vowed to Honor the Past and Hold the Future

by Clever Amani Mutabazi, South New Hampshire University in Partnership with Kepler Kigali Program, Rwanda





Life is filled with peaks and valleys and maybe you have seen and experienced a lot of valleys but, it is your time to rise up and reach to the sky. Every person has different life story depending on the life he or she lived in the past. It might be possible that people don’t like their past and present but, they work hard to change it. Unfortunately, none will be able to positively change his/her past if he/she doesn’t honour it and accept the current challenges to embrace the future. It is possible that you might be comparing your past and current life you are living in and you feel like you will never make it in the future due to several factors. In addition, you might be seeing several challenges in your life which will hinder you to reach your dreams. But, there is good news. Kepler students have decided to learn from their past and fight for a brighter future. They have vowed to turn challenges into opportunities to build their future as well as their community. Sometimes people don’t understand how the challenges can be turned into opportunities. You should be wondering what is Kepler? Why did Kepler students vow to honour their past and embrace the future? Kepler is Non-Government Organization which provides university program to the students in Easter Africa and Great Lakes region. It offers the international degrees by partnering with accredited online offerings which lead to the US accredited Bachelor’s degree from South New Hampshire University.

We all know that the main challenge world is facing nowadays is the high rate of unemployment. According to UNDP report, Eastern Africa countries are soaring high unemployment rate and it has significant impacts on the economy of the entire region. The report indicates the unemployment rate of different countries such as Kenya (39.1%), Tanzania (24%), Ethiopia (21.6%), Uganda (18.1%), and Rwanda (17.1%). It is the common issue that every country in the world is dealing with and it is not accurately solved. Therefore, Kepler has realized that young talented Africans are suffering due to the lack of jobs and decided to train and prepare them to enter the workforce with needed skills. Kepler students are equipped with practical skills which enable them to turn a trial into a prospect as well as being competitive at local and international markets. However, they didn’t forget their past instead, they used it to build better future for them.

People have varieties of dreams and goals that they want to achieve during their lifetime. The individuals have been raised with the mind of being successful in their future and it is possible that their dreams were influenced by the communities they were living in. Education has played a significant role in their achievements. Yvette Ishimwe is one of the Kepler students who took initiative to transform the challenge into reality. She is the founder and CEO of IRIBA Clean Water Delivery Ltd, a company which provides reliable innovative solutions for household water issue in Rwanda. Yvette holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management with a focus in Logistics and Operations from Southern New Hampshire University by partnering with Kepler Kigali. Rwanda is among the countries which are facing the issue of overpopulation with limited resources to satisfy the needs of the citizens. Thus, Yvette vowed to bring impact and transform the country through turning trials into opportunities.  As the results, she is now delivering clean water to the population around the country and she is eager to keep working hard toward significant outcomes. Yvette has a mission of holding herself in the business world and social entrepreneurship, with an aim of bringing positive impacts on the entire continent. Nonetheless, she couldn’t be able to achieve all these successes without the contribution of  her education and she had worked hard during her past time to be the person is today. It is up to us as the young African generation to stand up and efficiently use the power and resources to build the bright future of Africa.

We should not stick on our past instead, we should learn from it to embrace our future. In fact, some people still stuck in the past due to their fixed mindset. I am not trying to tell you that people should forget their history but, they have to retrieve moral lessons from it which will be used while building their forthcoming lives. It might be difficult to leave your past due to what you have experienced but also, it might be hard to keep spinning on the fixed axis related to the past time. Consequently, it is our responsibilities to take step forward towards our destinations since our future depends on us. Africa needs people with fresh and positive thinking to face the challenges and bring positive outcomes. It will facilitate us to provide innovative and creative solutions to different problems our continent was experiencing during these centuries. We have been facing several issues such as drought, famine, uncured diseases, wars, and unemployment. Nevertheless, it is time to use our skills and knowledge to bring impacts and changes in our communities.

Being products of high standard education allowed Kepler students to uprightness the past and hold the future. Kepler offers both online learning and in-person coursework to provide students an academic model which equips them with crucial skills for the workforce. Kepler high standard model of blended learning and competency-based education guarantees students to possess the practical skills to compete in workforce market. When a student is admitted at Kepler, it is the beginning of his/her journey towards the future. Then, Kepler as a parent starts to train and prepare him/her to work hard to reach as far as possible. They equip students with technology skills, professional skills, communication and typing skills, and forth on. Once Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I truly believe that education can lead us to the great achievements if we genuinely invest much effort and work hard toward them.


It implies that universities’ graduates will be required to be responsible and committed to transform impossible into possible. Significantly, Kepler is eager to keep providing effective quality of education to the young talented Africans who are passionate to bring impacts and transform the continent. It has a Careers Department which intends to create relationships with the employers to enable students to network and find opportunities for internships and jobs. It is not something to argue about since around 90% of students who graduated at Kepler possess part-time and full-time jobs. It is incredible work done by Kepler staff through assisting and educating students towards their future.

Soon Kepler is going to admit 2018 cohort students and it will be the largest cohort since it opened its doors. We all understand it well that Kepler Kigali intends to increase the number of the students who attended universities. In the recent years, it was very hard to get an opportunity to join a university due to the lack of financial support. But, the history has changed where students are getting more opportunities to attend universities and pursue their studies in their interested areas. They work hand to hand with the government to achieve development goals through empowering women and give them equal opportunities as men do. Both Easter Africa and Great Lakes countries should be proud of this great prospect which will enable all the countries to economically and socially developed to a high extent. This will not only contribute to the economy of these countries rather, it will contribute in the politic sector due to the fact that Kepler is providing leadership skills which will facilitate students to effectively strengthen that field in the region.

The past influence us to work hard and the present provides us an opportunity to keep moving forward towards to the future. It is possible that we have been struggling in our past and we were desperate concerning our future. This can lead the person to take a wrong decision which can influence him/her to regret in later life. However, Kepler students have vowed to honour the past and hold the future and it should also be our motto for each and everyone around the world to build a better place to live. Let’s be united and learn from our historical backgrounds to turn challenges into prospects. We should not necessarily have a higher education background  to be successful instead, we need to know how to use little resources we have. It doesn’t matter where you were born because none was born with all these expensive things. The only thing which matter is that we have sharpened the mind and high critical thinking capacity to decide the right thing to do. You don’t have to worry about tomorrow, you have to think about the impacts that you will bring in the community.

Edited by Jacques du Preez


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