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Youth Alive visits genocide survivors in Nyarugunga


Youth Alive visits genocide survivors in Nyarugunga

 – The engagement is Rwandan youth in the act of motivating genocide survivors  against Tutsi in 1994


Munezero Philemon

University Of Rwanda-College of Education





Building a nation is an act which is done cooperatively with the engageme

nt of all the stakeholders especially the citizens of the nation. The 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, which happened in Rwanda, caused a death of a million innocent Tutsi and left orphans, widows and widowers. Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) led by H.E Paul KAGAME managed to stop genocide despite of the few number of soldiers they were. Since then, Rwanda started to help the survivors and brought the campaign of unit and reconciliation which was about uniting “Tutsi” and “Hutu”. Youth Alive as a charity group of young Rwandans is engaging in the activities of building the nation by helping the needy financially and psychologically.



On 30th/ June/ 2018, Youth Alive members went to Nyarugunga where there are genocide survivors who were put in a neighborhood due to different reasons and to help them with advice that will enables them to think about their future and make Rwanda better. Youth  Alive did a public activity “Umuganda” of reconstructing a small road which passes through the neighborhood. This activity would cost 600,000 Rwf if it was done by paid workers and machines.



After doing “umuganda” with those genocide survivors, Youth Alive members cut a cake and shared it with them.


UMULISA Esther Williams, the CEO of Youth Alive, told theunipers about this charity activity. “We came today to help these genocide survivors in order to motivate and encourage them in their daily life. We do not only offer financial support but also advice which show them that they are not alone. As a youth, I advise other people, who have a good heart of helping the needy, to talk and help these genocide survivors because they need our presence so that they feel cared about.”


UMULISA Esther Williams, the founder of Youth Alive


These people talked to theunipers and expressed how happy they get when young people decide to visit them and that shows that there is a hope of having good citizens with Rwandan values. They stressed that they need people who talk to them and teach them to help themselves because some of them are traumatized and others are casualties.


Image: A picture of souvenir after sharing good moments!


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