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It All Depends on What is a Priority 


It All Depends on What is a Priority 

                             By Ernestine Niyobuhungiro

SNHU Graduate, Rwanda




According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a priority is something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives. I chose this definition among others because it goes well with the meaning I was looking for. When something or someone is given a priority, they are being chosen over something else. 

When it comes to things; they are given priority because they have more benefits, or they are loved more. For instance, some people use prioritization as a way to use at work in order to make sure that each and every task is handled effectively at the right place and this is also use as a tool to avoid stress. The other thing is that, prioritization is most of the time given to things that can’t be kept on a waiting list.

When it comes to people, they are given priorities because they are loved, or meaningful in other people’s lives. I once had a friend who used to tell me that I don’t always have to claim why people don’t care about me because in some instances I need to learn and admit that I am not a priority to some people in some moments. This message from a friend came as a wakeup call to me because I got to learn that people might be having a lot on their list, that they have to choose which ones to go first. 

For those who haven’t looked into what their priorities are and who their priorities should be, then they need to know that their lives will sometimes be chaotic. The good news is that it is never too late to set priorities and to learn how to do it. When you have a priority, you always know where your focus should be, and it help you to avoid things of being in a wrong place at a wrong time. For some people who still think that they need attention every time, they also need to re-evaluate their terms because they might not be the priorities on some people’s list.



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