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Does The World Need Peace?



  By Goodluck Paul

Peace entails the state of calmness and being free from wars, stress, confrontation, discontent and worries. It is attributed to both individuals and Universal scope. Over centuries now, the world has experienced both presence and the absence of peace and the effects. From there, the logic must have given the clear picture about the salience of “peace”.

Peace is not only just the state of being free from wars but rather the satisfaction of the imperative of freedom and which must be felt by every individual and enjoyed by the whole universe.

Psychologists and other people tend to give the remedy of what brings about the “Peace of mind”, this is another thing of paramount because that’s the actual peace and it’s a basis on which the peace of the world is built on.        

The real peace exist when human rights are observed: The relationship between Human Rights and peace is like a finger and the ring. There is neither compromise nor alternative to human rights; its contrary is hatred and finally Wars. I think it is the time that the world ought to assess how far the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and its 30 articles have been put into effect so as to find conventional rehabilitation.

From religious point of view, Peace is also a priority; I always hear Bishops in their congregations saying “May Peace stay with you” and then my further scrutiny made me figureout that those were the lovely words of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Again my understanding about Islam is that, “Islam is the religion of peace”, the same story to Rastafarianism and other religions I know, then why religion instigates conflicts instead of peace and reconciliation?

Peace is unity, is development, is humanity, is respect, is love, is security, is safety, and ishappiness and dignity; these are the sources and the results of its prevailing. Then why should it not be the first and foremost target of the nations? why should not be the duty of everyone to keep it?

Blessed are the Peace Makers for they shall be called the children of God.


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