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The Real You looks Better

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The Real You Looks Better

Ernestine Niyohungiro

Graduate from SNHU


In many circumstances of our lives we tend to portrait another picture of us that we want people to see. We love posting the pictures where we look exactly as somebody else or the community would want us to look like. This is because  most of the times we do not want peoples’ judgements. In other cases we even take a decision of changing the looks, the dressing codes, not because we love, but because we want to belong somewhere where they will love and cheer us up for that.

Most of the times, we know deep inside that that is not who we are. We do not like that but again we do not want to lose that fame we have gained because of our looks and our actions. I have had some friends who changed looks because of their ” boyfriends ” . Some of the friends started drinking and smoking because they wanted to look cool and as stars. The sad part about these friends is that they would cry themselves in bed because of feeling horrible about themselves, feeling like they did something they should not have done or breaking up with their boyfriends out of what I can call ” stupid matters ” while they have already made their lives a mess.

As matter of fact, I started taking a closure look on why people act in a certain way in presence of their ” cool” friends and act in a kind of normal when their friends are not there. This touched me because the life of living to please might be horrible life that someone can have. Change is a good thing because it can be part of learning journey, but when are changing your values, culture and life style with an aim of pleasing your “cool” friends to accept you, in that case you are loosing the happiness that you will not get back easily.

Believing that you are enough to have friends, to be happy might be itself a success. This is because when you lose in the middle of trying to be someone else, you get a very had time exploring your strength and enjoying whatever you would love your life and your career to look like. I have been struggling with this concept myself since people and society have some standards that they would love me to look up to, but trust me, the real you know what makes . Learn to accept being “stubborn”, ” primitive ” and more, instead of losing the real you in the midst of nothing. Never trade your happiness for something you are not sure wull last or is there for good.


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