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Miss Rwanda 2019 Rides Brakeless Wheels By MUGISHA Come Emmanuel, University of Rwanda, College of Education.


It has been less than three months since Rwanda Inspiration Backup, the private institution that owns and conducts Miss Rwanda competitions, starts the engine and embarks on the journey of finding a perfect replacement for Iradukunda Liliane, Miss Rwanda 2018.

Seeing the spur-of-the-moment rise of the contestant Mwiseneza Josiane alias Jojo who emerges from a less privileged, yet remarkable zone, this truck might be hard to stop. It either keeps the driver on the wheel, or crash, because she has thrown the brake pedal out through the window.

Some call it daring, others adventurous, others reckless, but Jojo’s spreading like a wildfire in summer is noble.  A young brave lady from the mountainous countryside of Western Rwanda climbs on the summits of the thousand hills and shakes Rwandans towards her.

Now, Rwandan media dashes in her shadow after obscuring other entertainment subject matters including other 19 contestants into temporary oblivion, which may become permanent for some, if the wheels keep rolling.


What wheels are driving this truck so over-speedingly?

Apart from, maybe, family and friends, there are six wheels that roll below the truck that Jojo drives, but two of them are worn-out that they roll out of sight.

Wheel ONE is the sophisticated simplicity engraved in coming at the selection center on foot, and the honest easiness that floated on her tongue when she explain the situation on media microphones. That humbleness and honesty woven into the strings that tie her personality grasped many loyal hearts at first appearance.

Wheel TWO is the Rwandans’ burning thirst of difference and change, the fire that was fueled by the trending governmental uprooting of mukorogo (body lotion that changes skin color with hydroquinone). They are fed up with Miss Rwanda entailing an urban, light-skinned girl crowned by a bench of no more than three judges, unchosen by Rwandans, but deciding for Rwandans. They are hearts hardened by drought of unfairness, waiting Jojo to bring rain upon them.

Wheel THREE is the generation of mainly, but not solely, women touched and inspired by the gold they see emerging from mud. They are eyes that look and see something from afar. They are young nationalistic women who have found an Oprah-Winfrey not behind TV or computer screens, but on a Rwandan stage. This is everyone who has had their minds opened and thoughts widened by a morning star that is to guide them to a New Jerusalem.

Wheel FOUR is the ever-growing crowd that follows what glitters, be it gold or a dragonfly wing. The same crowd that made Babou-G’ Salama Wowe their Dear Sir/Madam, Odeur ya Ocean their song. The audience that follows what is trending, dances when the music is up.

Wheel FIVE, hidden behind other wheels, is a bunch of opportunistic institutions and individuals that seal their self-driven desires under a tremendous unsupported support. Feminist ideologies, national policy lift, promising business prospects and personal standing out are wrapped in the backs of some fans.

Wheel SIX, also hidden behind other wheels, is a cluster of discriminative ideologies rooted in historical lunacy of ethnicity, held by irrational minds that dwell in the cave of segregation. These wolves not only move disguised as sheep in the flock of sheep but also try to infect others to wave the same flag in the same way.

What to expect after the Last Judgement

This is not John’s 22-chapter Apocalypse, it is a belief that means justifies the end, and all paths lead to Rome.

One decision of the three-judge jury will be revealed from these two options: Jojo crowned or Jojo not crowned.

What are the effects of either choice?

If Jojo is crowned, on one hand, the truck will not crash. It will keep over-speeding, careless of the speed bumps and traffic signs, on the one-way highway. Many points of interests in Rwandan show business will shrink and disappear in the shade of Miss Rwanda 2019. The opportunistic wheels will step out of their hideout and embrace the profits.

The slowly dying confidence in the competition itself will rise again and blossom. The responsible company will harvest and taste the sweet fruits for the whole year. Jojo will keep the competition a hit for a long time and ensure its sustainability, thus beckoning more audience and sponsors.

Yet, if Rwanda Inspiration Backup expects to reap from international beauty competitions, and thus hunts for Jojo’s incompatibility, this is not to remind them the success of those they believed to be compatible. It has to be understood that African misses ought to be different from European misses unless they believe in the existence of beauty in a one-color picture.

If Jojo is not crowned, on the other hand, the truck will crush into a wall which will stumble and fall over it. Or, the truck will not be able to brake for a turn, and it will spin off the road, roll over a cliff and crash into a canyon. This will be a Jojo-less accident because she will have stepped out of the truck beforehand.

The organizers will suffer the bruises they called for themselves. The crowned will suffer victim and casualty. She will not be of the people while working for the people. A large public will disregard, if not despise her and the whole competition. Her crown will be meaningless to the hearts of many Rwandans who have voted for Mwiseneza, and thus her actions will be.

The remnants of trust of Rwandans that still backed the organizing company will vanish in thin air. There will remain a spineless body, for some sponsors may leave because the project will be losing the clients’ trust.

May we expect egging on January 26, the security should be high-level.

May God bless Rwanda in these delicate moments!


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