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African Panorama

webandi / Pixabay

African Panorama

Goodluck Paul

University of Dar es Salaaam , Tanzania.


Mother Africa,

World’s second largest continent,

Rank of Basilica,

Sahara, world’s largest desert,

Sweet like Melodica,

Home of wild-animals’ set.


Sweet tropical forests,

Like that of Congo basin,

Largest Victoria water falls,

Oldest Education institution,

Largest Lakes and Rivers,

Ancient Egyptian Civilization,

All found in Africa.


Suitable Agricultural soil,

Lake Malawi home of fish,

Nigeria wealth of Oil,

Africa have what world would wish,

Serengeti, animals’ cocktail,

African foods are natural and delish.


Africa is resourceful,

More than it’s tale,

Her women are beautiful,

Beyond how we can tell,

Let’s make them helpful,

To elude Africa from hell.


More than 50% are youngsters,

Future shining stars,

In large storage jars,

With triumph pars,

Hitting jackpots in peace,

Making life at ease.


good luck

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