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Grandpa Told Us



Grandpa Told Us

Francis Mkwapatira

Mzuzu University, Malawi.

Right around the fire that granny made

That, that was Bantu’s genesis

When Bantu the first, received his maid,

Sent by Chiuta to curb his loneliness.

It was the usual oratory around the little furnace

That it was Chisunphi’s mission to be comprehended

In Bantu’s stay on earth, mothering the motherless

As Mphambe‘s instruction to his created,

Before the mphatata’s aroma called for attendance.

Countless evenings,  grandpa narrated

That on a cow’s intestine was Bantu’s descent

From Chisumphi‘s place, full of a cattle herd

Onto the world under, with his hands made.

A Ngoni creation myth



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