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Reclaiming Our Lost Glory


Reclaiming Our Lost

Oscar Fanuel Kameta

Mzuzu University , Malawi


Mzuzu university, which is one of Malawi`s largest universities and the only public university in the northern region was one of the pride dots to point on a flat sheet painted with selected ink.  “Was” in the sentence has been furnished to describe the current situation the institution is facing. Here we are not talking of poor infrastructural development only, there are many problems that my finger cannot even afford to point and I cannot disclose to maintain the good reputation the once mighty institution had some years back when machines with full fueled tanks were pushing this device.


The emerging of my interest on this today is not just a matter of gathering an ovation but to discus with you some of the ways how we can do to revamp MZUNI while reclaiming our lost glory as green intellectuals. We are all aware that MZUNI is  vehemently bankrupt. This has brought sour aftermaths like delayed graduation, absence of library and hall, stopping many procurement activities, not forgetting the cold shoulder given to sports activities.


As intellectuals, is there any quick means we can do to solve some of these problems so as to reclaim the lost glory of our green painted machine? Here we can talk of initiatives like having a bank account open to all people who feel the need to help, a mobile money number, thus mpamba or airtel money which can be open too to collect something which can be used in assisting management in running day to day business of this institution.

I understand that we are worried with this idea considering the issues of transparency and accountability from the people who will handle this, but I just wanted to point out here that this is just one of the means of escaping the deathbed. My mind bore  such opinion which others may consider it lame, but I’ve reached to my personal general consensus that this is the only way of dealing with these problems considering the fact that many problems MZUNI is facing are now everywhere, here am talking of social media platforms even mma bus anthu akukambirana izi, tikumanyozeka, but you tend to wonder that who is now responsible for all this? You can even ask yourself, is MZUNI indeed a public university? If yes, where is our Chancellor? Why the delays in appointing a Vice Chancellor, how does he feels to see Mzuni running without UR and Matron for ages? As the one on the driving wheel, what response has he made to the student community on the problems stressed in the petition on the press briefing?

“Pano tikuuzidwa zoonjezera intake, enawo aziphuzilira komaso kugona pamtengo?”


May be am just one of rude and unruly people in this world, but explain to me, how can university students take their papers (am talking of ma degree here not notification of results) on porters lodge, ok I have told now that it is due to financial crisis, but how valid will those degrees be to the general public and why providing conflicting information, I am yet to be corrected if am taking my bus into a bush of thick ignorance.  Understanding the fact that we can talk argue or castigate each other for the whole day, but as we are parting, let us reflect on some questions which may guide us: is MZUNI still a public university? Why polytechnic manages to hold graduation in good time under the same chancellor of MZUNI? How many universities have no libraries and hall like it is with MZUNI? Can we say MZUNI is just an option amongst priorities


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