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A Lesson To The Nation In MUTAG’S Play, The Presidents Prelogative



Oscar Fanuel Kameta

Mzuzu University, Malawi


15th June 2019 is one of the most memorable days in as far as my stay at Mzuzu University is concerned. This is not just because it is my first day I consumed locally slaughtered meet after long ban by government due to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease, but the enlightenment I got from the play, “The President`s Prerogative”, a play from MUTAG, the makers of Alufeyo, a movie which had enjoys airplay in most of our local Television stations.

Despite having produced many plays, Alufeyo is one of the plays which is used as an advising tool to newly selected students into various institutions of higher learning. In last evening`s play, many things were ironically undressed enlightening those who have a thick brain fit to digest and comply with political decisions as evidenced in one of the scenes which presented update lessons In as far as current affairs of this nation is concerned.

One of the most powerful lessons one could get from the play is the strategies put in place by those in power to silence opponents. With my weak brain, I tried to interpret one scene which in which, Khomo, Presidential adviser played by Trust Matewere revealed government plans to relocate people from their area an action which did not please the local villagers as they strongly opposed.

Forgive me, I may sometime divert from the actual play to the lessons I have learnt from it. In their deliberations as unpleased community led by David, a University student who was on holiday due to closure of their institution proposed to push for the formation of federal government to be led by Chief’s senior adviser. However, this made government to silence him by giving him a rewarding office, yes, he became minister of settlement hence killing the decision of forming their own state.

In this regard, I was attempted to think of the issue of Malawi becoming a federal state, an issue which attracted more attention. However, the decision just died a natural death. Something funny enough, you may be surprised that all who were vocal during that movement are now in comfortable seats. I even thought of the criterion which was used to promote some individuals who rose from a coordinator of a certain project up to second in command of statuary cooperation who in University set up can be regarded as a Deputy Vice Chancellor.

A list of big names came into my brain that were and are still silenced by good positions if they aim to attack the ruling regime. I am afraid that those in power might end up silencing MUTAG by creating a ministry to be offered to MUTAG if those in power will get the same interpretation of mine.

The play provoked my thinking with its up to date lessons, although I am to some extent diverting from the actual play, but the lessons I got from the play are of paramount importance too as the play itself since it is one of the aims of the play to educate. In the same regard, the play taught us the power of Satanism as well as magic but it was clear that the powers do not take long.

In various institutions like this university, there are diversity minds as the play displayed,  amongst them were magicians, atheists and  Satanists and this included  those in power among others. In this regard, we could appreciate why various institutions are facing various problems not only because of diversity of minds but criteria used to put some people in power. In this regard, we can think of various diseases which come as a result of poor criterion of putting people one of which is silencing government critics.

Are we supposed to become government criticizers to become friends of those in power? One thing which is problematic about this, is the decision of the people in power to start reminding you that they are in power.

In this kind of thinking, we can now understand why some MSCE leavers are leading graduates because they strongly opposed government at one point. However, if you chose to oppose people in power, they chose to oppose and remind you that they are in power. As we are waiting for part 2, let us reflect on how some people became heavyweights reaching to a second in command to University CEO.


The author is a student at Mzuzu University in Malawi. He is studying Bachelor of Arts, Theology and Religious Studies.He has published various works on various platforms including newspapers. He is currently working on an anthology to be released late this year. In his time as a student at Mzuzu University, he has served as publicity secretary for Students support Initiative, Partners in Education Program , United Nations Youth Volunteers, Mzuzu University Theology Association, Chief Editor for Esteemed Press. He is also serving as Deputy Director of Publication for Mzuzu University Students Representative Council, (MUSRE) , thus the students union as well as being the Projects Maneger for Malawi Public Universities Directors Of Publications (MAPUDOP).

Oscar Fanuel Kameta

P.Bag 201,

Mzuzu, Malawi.









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