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  Oscar Fanuel  Kameta 

Mzuzu University, Malawi

 In the play by Mzuzu University Theatre Arts Group, (MUTAG), we saw the president appointing his cabinet ministers where we saw some being appointed because they were fighting the same battle and that they were speaking the same language. Patricia Nyirenda, who was the news presenter seem to be shocked with what she was presenting. The presence of some names on the list of cabinet ministers was news even to the news presenter too.

Without diverting from our core point which is a lesson from the play to the nation, the play taught us that cabinet announcement was made after university students demonstrated as David presented to us. In this context, I am tempted to connect this play to Malawian current affairs.

In the current cabinet which is just few days old, we have seen some faces which to some extent makes you to question the criterion used like it was in the play when a mere chief adviser became a minister. These leaders really follow certain criteria? Is there any education background attached to these appointments? You may wonder how an honourable minister who studied journalism can ably perform as minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development. In this regard we may exhaust the day if we are to scrutinise   each cabinet minister in relation to his or her education qualification and work experience since to my opinion there is a bunch people who seem to be doubtful if they are to perform.

This is the reason you see many cabinet reshuffles in which many members are replaced by others since it becomes clear that they cannot ably perform as the chief adviser in the play displayed.

How can person who is capable and ably perform in the ministry of Information fruitfully deliver in the ministry of Education? In the play we saw that this is the core reason most of the institutions are facing serious crisis in which education institutions are inclusive. Nanga mpaka institution yaboma kumalandidwa ma galimoto chifukwa cha ngongole? Although this was not presented in the play, but it is clear that if those in top seats start to doze, serious diseases emerge in which Ngongolezo are amongst the diseases mentioned. In this regard, we are not trying to say that the vehicles that the sheriffs confiscated at Mzuzu university is because of someone at Mzuzu University, the Minister of education or the Chancellor himself is dosing but we are just trying to dig a lesson from the play on the solutions from such a situation.

The play centered on the president`s choice on the cabinet, chaos at the university and the discomfort of people in their leaders the president inclusive. Can we deny that the play came at the right time? Am tempted to say this due to the situation in most of the universities in the country, like Mzuzu University.

A good example is the case in which the industrial court in Mzuzu ordered sheriffs to impound vehicles at Mzuzu university due to a 32 million kwacha charge due to bleach of contract with MZUNI FC players. The cars include Toyota Hiace and Cruiser registration number 57Sc34 and 33 respectively and Nissan UD 10 tone registration number 57 SC 10 set to be auctioned by Chambilima auctioneers on Friday, 28th June 2019 if the university will not rescue them. These cars are the ones which were in daily basis assisting students hence bringing chaos at the university in terms of transportation as some of the cars responsible for these works are all down. David, one of the university students in the play can clearly connect these cases in the play and in Mzuzu University context.

In the same regard, we can relate the last Wednesday demonstrations which angry citizens staged with those people in the play planned to stage. They refused to get the message from Khomo, the presidential adviser who like the president himself. This is also similar to what opposition MPs did in parliament last Friday when thy refused to get the message from the state president as he was opening the 48th parliamentary session. They all left the house, strong indication that analibe nazo attend zoti a pulezidenti akulankhula.

The choice of cabinet, which is one of the key issues in the play which also brought many lessons is of paramount importance too as the state president has also released list of new cabinet members. As we are waiting for season 3, let us check and scrutinize the list of these members since it will be handled too in the next episode.

Watch out for Episode 3.



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