Oscar Fanuel  Kameta 

 Those who watched the play by Mzuzu University Theatre Arts Group, (MUTAG), “The President`s Prerogative” can agree with me that soon after the cabinet announcement, the president did not show up to the general public. In other words, I should say the president was not seen physically on the stage rather than hearing his voice. Many people myself inclusive did not recognize the voice or figure out who played the part of this ruthless president.

The play had many scenes with various historical as well as political settings. With the issue at hand in our nation, I could prefer quoting Nganga who plainly confessed that he was a witch and told David that he even fly with his lecturers. Despite facing resistance from members of his society, he continued confessing that he was a witch regardless of the legal implication his statements might have considering the fact that his nation do not recognize the presence of witchcraft just as Malawi.

The resistance faced prompted me to think of Dr Jane Ansah who has been and is currently being dubed with various names. She is facing much resistance as people have been holding country wide demonstrations against her due to lack of credibility in the May 21 elections. He is being accused of allowing Tippexed results which people had doubts about them. As the matter is still in court, I will not comment on that but what has come to my attention is the silence Dr Jane Ansah is displaying just like Nganga in the play.

In the recent two day demonstrations some people have lost their jobs others their businesses others their properties. A good example is a house in Chibavi trading center belonging to former government minister, Grace Obama Chiumia, her house was gutted to ashes by angry protesters in the ongoing ant Jane Ansah demonstrations. One thing which puzzles me is Ansah`s resistance despite the demonstrations which has costed this country many things like the burning of various offices in Mzuzu City as well as police stations, shops in Lilongwe like Spar shop. Can we push this blame to her? The matter is in court I cannot comment yet. Do we realize that the demonstrations have destroyed tones of Kwachas that could have been used in other sectors like health?

This negligence is what led to the death of one villager as Nganga did not attend her since he felt that he would lose nothing personally if he can or cannot assist the patient. Is it the same reason this lady is not bowing to the pressure of the CSOs? The matter is in court I cannot comment yet.

The play in one of the scenes introduces to us a university setting where students boycotted and in one of the speeches, David who was one of the students complained about fee hike. My poor memory is failing to figure out if this issue was one of the core reasons for the demonstrations but it was quite clear that the students were disgruntled by this decision.

Trying to figure out this, I was attempted to connect the play to LUANAR, yes on the issue of fees increment specifically as I was tipped that fees has been revised from k365,000.00 to k420,000.00 for generic students. As I was trying to figure out the truth behind this rumour, I was greeted by a suspicious memo bearing the name of LUANAR concerned students that they are going to boycott classes over the fee hike.

Possibly, this will send some of them home as David in the play.  The play clearly stipulated that the issue of fee hike was a national disaster hence prompting to think that MZUNI is sailing toward the same beach. However, am just waiting eagerly for Friday as I have been tipped that we are going to have general assembly where I think this issue will be tackled MUSREC. In this line, I am tempted to prophecy, if MZUNI decide to revise its fees, are going to act like LUANAR students? May be we will act like David and his friends? But because the afterbirth of the actions of David and his friends in the play are still fresh, I hope we will act responsibly since we are getting lessons from this play.

During the night of the play, I was tempted to link Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, Charles Taylor and even Mugabe on the way they acted during their reign, a syndrome which is slowly entering Malawi, how? Let us see in season 4.


Watch out for Episode 4.

















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